Merry Christmas! December 22, 2015 03:23 126 Comments

Merry Christmas dear friends, Christmas is a very cheerful holiday, this time of year all you want to do is make someone happy. We have to remember that Christ is the reason for this season, we celebrate Jesus birthday, and we are spreading love through out the world. Everything is colorful and bright and it lifts your spirit up. We chose couple of our favorite items for Christmas. 

This red skirt "MAYA" is perfect for Christmas, the color, the bow on the back, the volume, the length. 


This dresses are so comfortable, beautiful, and just perfect for Christmas church services or Christmas parties. Very practical if you don't like wearing too many clothes on yourself and want to look beautiful and elegant. 


One of our favorite skirts that would make a statement on your Christmas gathering or going to church with your family and friends.

This elegant necklace will make a statement on your Christmas outfit, wether you are wearing something elegant or just plain outfit.

This is just few items that we chose that would be perfect for Christmas. We want you to enjoy your Christmas and New Years.